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БКГ-2 electric locomotive for Belarus delivery


On 29 Dec. 2015, two БКГ-2 electric locomotives left CRRC Datong Works. They will run along “Silk Road” and pass through Baotou, Lanzhou, Urumqi and Central Asian countries, and finally arrive to Belarus in February 2016. Then will follow testing on the BCh network, and formal handing over to BCh is envisaged in August 2016. All other locomotives are scheduled for delivery before the end of 2016.

The contract of 18 electric Locomotives was signed on 17 July 2013. БКГ-2 locomotive was awarded GOST in the middle of 2014. Up to now, the locomotive has completed the 251 domestic certification test items.

Track gauge                           1,520 mm

Line voltage                           25kV, 50Hz

Transmission                          AC-DC-AC

Wheel arrangement               Co-Co

Axle load                                25.0 t

Power rating                          7,200 kW

Design speed                         120 km/h

Start traction effort                570 kN

Min. curve negotiation radius 125 m

Length over coupler centers   22,960 mm

Ambient temperature             -40℃~+40℃

Browse number:1114