CRRC Qiqihar Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CRRC Qiqihar), the mainstay enterprise in freight wagon business operated by CRRC Corporation Limited, is the dominant design company, leading manufacturer and export base of freight wagons and railway cranes in China.

CRRC Qiqihar was founded in 1935, named as Qiqihar Railway Factory of Nanman Railway Limited Company. in 1946, the factory was renamed as Qiqihar Railway Factory after the libration of Qiqihar; in 1950, the Shenyang Huanggutun Railway Factory and Qiqihar Railway Factory were merged together; in 1953, the merged factory was named as MOR Qiqihar Locomotive and Freight Wagon Factory; in 1957, the factory was renamed as Qiqihar Freight Wagon Factory; in 1994, the factory was renamed as Qiqihar Freight Wagon Works. In Oct. 1998, as a trial of the reformed organized by MOR, the factory was reorganized as Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock (Group) Co., Ltd (short as QRRS). In Sept. 2000, when China Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry Company was separated from MOR, QRRS became a subsidiary of China Northern Rolling Stock Company. In Dec. 2005, QRRS established the Mudanjiang Jinyuan Draw Gear Limited Company (short as Jinyuan Company) at the location of the original Mudanjiang Locomotives and Rolling Stock Company. In July 2007, as required by the integral reorganizing to become listed, the main business, asset and personnel of QRRS were collected and registered as Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd (short as QRRS). In Sept. 2007, QRRS established the QRRS Dalian Rolling Stock Limited Company (short as Daqi Company). In Jan. 2011, after two and half year’s trusteeship, Harbin Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd (Harbin Company), Harbin Company became a wholly-owned subsidiaries of QRRS. In Dec. 2012, CNR separated CNR Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd from QRRS, who owned Harbin Company, Jinyuan Company and Daqi Company. In Dec. 2013, the shareholder of QRRS changed from CNR to CNR Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. In 2015, the CNR and CSR were merged together as CRRC Corporation Limited, and CNR Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd was renamed as CRRC Qiqihar Co., Ltd (short as CRRC Qiqihar) on 20th Nov. 2015. The four subsidiaries of CRRC Qiqihar wore also renamed, as Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd was renamed as CRRC Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd (short as CRRC QRRS) on 6th Jan. 2016; Harbin Company was renamed as CRRC Harbin Co., Ltd (short as CRRC Harbin); Mudanjiang Jinyuan Draw Gear Limited Company was renamed as CRRC Jinyuan Castings limited Company (short as Jinyuan Company); QRRS Dalian Rolling Stock Limited company was renamed as CRRC Dalian Rolling Stock Limited Company (short as Daqi Company). In 2016, the Dalian Container Company established by QRRS in 2011 became a subsidiary of CRRC Qiqihar and renamed as CRRC Dalian Container Company.

By the end of 2015, CRRC Qiqihar has 10266 employees, with the total asset of 7,773,000,000RMB, and covers an area of 3,085,000 square meters. CRRC Qiqihar has the following seven main business sections: newly built freight wagons, repair freight wagons, spare parts for locomotives and freight wagons, railway cranes, non-standard equipments, special purpose containers and modern steel logistics, with the capacity of annually build 15000 new wagons, repair 10000 freight wagons, built and repair 30 railway crane, build 5000 special containers, and make 25000 car-sets spare parts for freight cars.

CRRC Qiqihar is a national level high-tech enterprise and has strong development and manufacturing capability, who has been leading the development of railway freight wagon technology for a long time in China with its obvious technical advantages. CRRC Qiqihar has some world level key technology, such as the bogie with middle cross brace system and couplers for heavy haul freight wagons, and had lead the three times of railway technical upgrading in China. CRRC Qiqihar has the first railway industrial national recognized technical R&D center, national accredited product test lab, inspection and calibration lab, national class A enterprise archives, academician work center, post-doctor center, and the under-building fast and heavy haul railway freight wagon engineering technical center which shall be the only one in China.

CRRC Qiqihar has the most complete product category in freight wagon industry, including nine series covering more than 300 kinds of products, like open top wagon, covered wagon, flat wagon, hopper wagon, special purpose wagon, tank wagon, large size wagon, railway crane and spare parts, etc. CRRC Qiqihar has produced collectively more than 360,000 freight wagons and has always shared more than 20% of the domestic market. CRRC Qiqihar does not only satisfy the domestic market, but also exports its products to overseas developed countries, so far, CRRC Qiqihar has exported more than 40000 freight wagons to more than 30 countries and districts all around the world, like Australia, New Zealand, US, South Korea, Brazil, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Mozambique, etc. The company also has PRE joint venture and several overseas agencies to accompany the strategy of internationalization.

CRRC Qiqihar has kinds of equipments and facilities (9308 sets), of which, the multiple production lines are of world advantaged ones, to guarantee the leading position of the company in production scale and manufacturing capacity. In recent years, CRRC Qiqihar has invest billions RMB in developing the key projects of fast and heavy haul freight wagons to make the integral manufacturing process become world advantaged level. The first freight wagon full scale fatigue and vibration test rig in China settled in CRRC Qiqihar shall push China from a big country of freight wagons to a strong country of freight wagons.

CRRC Qiqihar has solid management basis and management innovation capability, such as the national reputed management experience “Report to the head office, Service at the workshops”. The company has achieved the accreditation of three management system of Quality Management, Environmental Management and Occupation & Health Management, and has been accredited by AAR M-1003 quality system, IRIS management system and EN15085 welding system. For years, the company insists on the core management strategy, innovating quality management, production organizing and technical management, to successfully implement the strategy of major market, major marketing and major clients, and the implementation of ERP system as a representation of information construction, the acting of excellent innovation project, and the lean production program, to keep furthering the management improvement. Most of all, CRRC Qiqihar has become the first railway industry enterprise being granted the National Quality Award in Heilongjiang province after eight years’ insistence in excellent performance mode.

CRRC Qiqihar insists on the development of both spiritual civilization and material civilization to keep improving the party building and ideological and political work level to support the further development of the company. The company has gained a lot of honors, such as, the state-level I enterprise, most competitive group, top 500 enterprise in mechanical industry, national honesty company, international golden star quality award, world quality warranty award, national excellent primary party organization, national civilization company, national Wuyi labor award, national and central enterprises of ideological and political work, national advanced enterprise of open factory affair, national excellent enterprise of cultural construction and model of central enterprise culture construction, etc.

CRRC Qiqihar is leading the development of railway freight wagon technologies in China with its widened sight and strategic thought and contributing to the Chinese and world railway system as a glorious modern enterprise. CRRC Qiqihar is forging a world class enterprise with freight wagons as core business and other diversified businesses through its continuous innovations, normative commercial activities and extensive participations of international business.