CRRC Beijing Locomotive Co., Ltd, is a subsidiary of CRRC Corporation Limited. Its predecessor,Lu-Bao Railway Marco Polo Bridge Locomotive Plant under the Ministry of Transportation, was founded initially in 1897.   Going through trials and hardships of more than a century,Beijing Locomotive Corp is the cradle of  Beijing modern industry, the original place of the February 7th  Labor Movement under the leadership of Communist Party of China, and the birthplace of the first diesel-hydraulic locomotive of new China.

In accordance with the development idea of “green, harmony, benefit, and growing up”, Beijing Locomotive Corp has been forming an operating pattern with the complementary advantages of secondary and tertiary industries, and the moderate product diversity. It is mainly targeted in the produce of railway and mining vehicles. Relying upon the scientific research platforms of the State-level Enterprise Technology Center and the Academician and Expert Workstation, and taking the advantage of talents resources, Beijing Locomotive Corp has made all-around innovation breakthroughs in production-study-research cooperation, and improved the integral capability of product research & development and the achievement transformation.

Its products have been serving nationwide in 18 Railway Administrations and more than 100 industrial and mining enterprises, and exported to more than 20 countries and regions. With the railway products of diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, railway engineering machinery, Beijing Locomotive Corp has become one of the solution service providers with full range of products and the most advanced technologies in the area of world railway transportation. With the mining vehicles ranging from 50 to 400 tons, Beijing Locomotive Corp has become the only mining vehicle manufacturer who owns the technology of vehicle integration and AC drive core technology.

Beijing Locomotive Corp has passed the IRIS System authentication, ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System authentication, ISO10012 Measurement Management System authentication, the ISO14001 Environmental Management System authentication, the OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System authentication, and the EN15085 Welding System authentication. The company has won the Qualification of First Class Enterprise of China Steel Construction, which is issued by China Steel Construction Association (CSCA), to fully guarantee the product quality. The DF7G-E locomotive has successfully passed the EU standard certification, and opened up the EU market for the locomotives made by China for the first time.

In recent years, with the powerful backing from CRRC and the kind care from the Communist Party and the nation government, the Beijing municipal government, China Railway Corporation and State Railway Administration, especially under the guide of Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between Beijing Municipal government and former China CNR Corporation, signed on March 13th, 2011, Beijing Locomotive Corp has been seizing the historic opportunity of the development and construction of Zhongguancun Manufacturing Park and Science Park to realize its product upgrade and industry extension.

In terms of the product upgrade, the traditional diesel locomotive is upgrading to the high-end diesel locomotive, the electric locomotive, the urban rail vehicle, the railway maintenance equipment,and heavy mining industry and high strength metal material extrusion shape forming industry. At the same time, the business model is changing from the traditional large and comprehensive manufacturing to the model which lays stress on research and development, system integration (core component manufacturing + supply chain management and control + assembly and test), the marketing and the customer satisfaction. Thus, Beijing Locomotive Corp is aiming to forge the Zhongguancun high-end railway transportation equipment manufacturing park.

In terms of the industry extension, the pure manufacturing industry is expanding to other industries like the sci-tech, the real estate development and the comprehensive service, so as to forge Zhongguancun CRRC Railway Transportation Sci-Tech and Cultural Innovation Park. By constructing a world-leading, healthy and sustainable modern enterprise with the synergetic development of the secondary and tertiary industries, the moderate diversity of the products and markets, and good economic and social benefits, Beijing Locomotive Corp is striving to be the world-famous, multinational and high-end equipment manufacturer and service provider with the guiding ability in our strength field, and the only base leading the scientific and technological innovation and cultural exchange in international railway transportation industry.

With the profound cultural background, Beijing Locomotive Corp has been stuck to the February 7th Spirit of “Bearing important tasks with no fear for hardship, seeking development with continuous effort”. To catch up with the times, with the business strategy of the moderate company scale, the suitable product diversity, and the supplementary comprehensive service, Beijing Locomotive Corp is implementing the group control of the divisions and subsidiaries to construct a modern enterprise with the stable structure and the advantage complementary of the secondary and tertiary industries, and provide high-quality and high-efficient services for the world railway and mining transportation fields. The company will speed up the process of connecting with the world advanced level, realize the Erqi (Feb.7th) Dream of a century, and become an international enterprise.

The general idea of the 13th Five-year plan of Beijing Locomotive Corp is to insist on the “two, two, six” strategy, which means the fully committing to “two speed-ups”(speeding up the development of high-end equipment manufacturing and service industries, and speeding up the building of the Sci-Tech Innovation and Cultural Exchange Base in international railway transportation industry), the continuously pushing on “two-synchronization”(synchronously developing products and markets, synchronously improving the management level and the corporation culture ), and the powerfully intensifying “six-vigorousness”(vigorously rebuilding the system and structure, vigorously promoting connection to international standards, vigorously innovating the management system, vigorously building the talent teams, and vigorously improve the leaders’ work style). Facing with the new opportunities and challenges, Beijing Locomotive Corp will grasp the development opportunities, initiatively adapt to the market, and try hard to set up the new situation of the 13th Five-year plan.