CRRC High-speed Maglev System Unveiled at InnoTrans 2022

FORM: 13/10/2022 Browse number:1465

Recently, CRRC unveiled the world’s fastest land public transport system, the 600km/h high-speed maglev system.

The high-speed maglev transport system, whose speed reaches 600km/h, is a “non-contact” high-speed rail transit vehicle. The train uses “rail-holding” structure, with two rows of curved “arms” “holding” the rail. When electrified, the strong magnetic force makes the whole train suspended on the rail, thus realizing the non-contact support, guidance and operation.

The system not only has higher speed, but also features high safety, large volume, intelligence and comfort, etc. It is a green vehicle with higher speed and greater safety.    

The 600 km/h maglev system adopts low resistance and low noise streamline head, and lightweight body design, taking only 210 seconds to accelerate from zero to 600 km/h so as to “fly close to the ground”. It can adapt to the river tunnel, highly cold environment, high temperature, high humidity and other complex geographical and climate environments.

At present, the 600 km/h high-speed maglev system is undergoing joint test. The train has achieved stable suspended and dynamic operation. The performance is wonderful.