CRRC-made standard metro train arrives in Dalian

FORM: 18/05/2022 Browse number:174

Recently, the “serialized Type B stainless steel standard metro train with a speed of 80km/h” developed by CRRC successfully arrived at the depot of Metro Line 5 of Dalian. It will be officially put into operation after completing the subsequent servicing work.

The train has been improved in many aspects compared with the regular metro train. Firstly, in the body structure, the train adopts the tube contour of the serialized standard metro train, which has higher level of body strength and significantly improves the safety performance of the passenger train. Secondly, in terms of control, the display screen of the train’s telematics system boasts functions like station display, station setting and station announcement mode setting, making the daily operation more convenient for the driver and the controller. Regarding the operation monitor, the train carries latest technologies such as the running gear online detection system and the pantograph online detection system, further enhancing the intelligent operation. And for riding experience, the interior lighting is controlled by an intelligent system that brings the most comfortable visual experience for passengers.

The official operation start of the train marks a step forward in the CRRC’s pursuit for product quality. Moving forward, CRRC will continue to make efforts to facilitate the development of urban rail transit and the convenient traveling of the public.