New generation intelligent intercity EMU developed by CRRC shows up in Guiyang

FORM: 20/04/2022 Browse number:387

Recently, the new generation intelligent intercity EMU developed by CRRC arrived in Guiyang. The EMU comprises 4 cars (2 motor cars and 2 trailer cars), with a maximum operating speed of 200km/h and a capacity of 184 passengers. The train is only 101,4m long, enabling it to better meet the needs of intercity operation. It adopts the latest technology of the Olympics-version intelligent CR EMU and boasts many intelligent features. Meanwhile, to satisfy the operating needs of intercity operation, the train has the characteristics of fast start and stop, large capacity, and safety and comfort.

The intercity EMU is not only a transport vehicle but also a mobile cultural symbol of the city. The new generation intelligent intercity EMU is themed on “Colorful Guizhou”, and is tailor-made for Guiyang city. The train has the metallic color as its base tone, with red, yellow and blue ribbons intertwining and spreading throughout the train body, reflecting the colorful geographical characteristics of Guizhou. The curves of the winding rivers in Guizhou are extracted as the design element for the headstock, which are streamlined and dynamic. The design of the headlight is inspired by the big sliver horn headdress of Miao compatriots, endowing the train with folk cultural characteristics. The overall design perfectly integrates the technological elements and humanistic characteristics of Guizhou.

The operation start of the new generation intercity EMU will help to develop the intercity public transportation, and form a hub with Guiyang as its center radiating the important surrounding areas, playing a critical role in enhancing the internal and external connectivity of Guiyang.