MRT tram made by CRRC officially starts operation

FORM: 15/08/2021 Browse number:1432

Recently, developed and manufactured by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd., MRT tram “Green Dolphin” for Kunming Changshui International Airport officially started operation. It is the first energy storage tram adopting the autonomous driving mode in China, also the first energy storage tram used in the airport control area in the world.

The tram adopts 100% low floor design, and blue sky and white clouds are painted inside the tram to highlight the features of the Spring City. With a maximum speed of 70km/h, the tram comprises 7 carriages with a capacity of 500 passengers, equaling to the capacity of three shuttle buses. Three sets of 60,000F high-energy super capacitors are adopted, which store 80kwh electricity, and charging can be completed within 30 seconds after passengers get on and off the tram. One charge can power the tram at full load for 10km. Over 85% braking energy can be absorbed to achieve efficient recycling of energy. Per capita electricity consumption per 100km is less than 1kwh. Compared with the ordinary airport shuttle bus, each tram can reduce carbon dioxide emission by 2300 tons annually.

The official operation start of “Green Dolphin” will further improve the airport’s internal transportation efficiency, and contribute to enabling an annual passenger throughput of 120 million.