Xi’an Metro Line 14 officially starts operation

FORM: 27/07/2021 Browse number:1066

As an important transportation facility project supporting the 14th National Games, Xi’an Metro Line 14 officially started operation recently. The trains are made by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd., and the first batch of trains arrived in Xi’an at the end of 2020.

Type B vehicles are adopted for Phase I of Xi’an Metro Line 14. The train comprises 6 cars (4 motor cars and 2 trailer cars), and each car is 19m long, 2.8m wide and 3.8m high. The train has a maximum capacity of 1792, a maximum designed operating speed of 100km/h, and a designed service life of 30 years. Material of the vehicle body is stainless steel. 13 trains are planned for the Phase I.

Meanwhile, CRRC Yongji Electric Co., Ltd. supported the operation start of Xi’an Metro Line 14 with green, safe and intelligent traction power. The company has independently developed an electric traction system equipped with a fault prediction and health management system. It adopts a big data architecture, intelligently and precisely predicts and monitors the operating status of the system, further ensures the operating safety, and effectively reduces future maintenance, inspection and repair costs.