Three New Types of Fuxing Bullet Trains Unveiled

FORM: 26/12/2018 Browse number:3212

By Du Rui in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 26-Dec-2018

Three new types of domestically developed Fuxing trains designed with varying top speeds are unveiled on Monday, including new versions-a longer train and two lower-speed versions which will offer more choices to potential overseas customers.


The 250km/h CR300BF Fuxing Bullet train is one of the series of China Standardized EMUs. It can be applied to different infrastructures and different passenger flow lines to meet the diverse transportation service needs with low energy consumption and high cost performance.

Capacity: 613

First class: 48

Second class: 565

Max. Operating Speed: 250km/h

Length: 208.95m

Car Body Material: aluminum alloy



The 160km/h CR200J Fuxing Bullet Train not only meets the passenger demand of the existing general-speed railway, but also fully utilizes the transportation, wiring and maintenance resources of current Locomotive and passenger coaches. The Configuration form is divided into short grouping, long grouping and flexible grouping.


Short Configuration: 720

Long Configuration: 1102

Max. Operating Speed: 160 km/h

EXTRA Long Bullet Train

The Configuration form of the CR400AF-B and CR400BF-B Fuxing Bullet Train with a speed of 350 km/h is extended to 17 cars. Both safety indicators such as traction and braking and comfort indicators such as stability and noise reach excellent levels, meeting the transportation needs of long distance and large capacity. The trains, which are 440 meters long and can seat 1,283 passengers, are the longest high-speed trains in China.

Capacity: 1283

VIP: 22

First class: 148

Second class: 1113

Max. Operating speed: 350km/h

Length: 439.8m

Car Body Material: aluminum alloy

With a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the trains will be deployed on the Beijing-Shanghai railway next month.Two other Fuxing trains running at maximum speeds of 250 km/h and 160 km/h will also be deployed on the network. With more spacious seats, more power outlets, USB ports, more ample legroom and other passenger-friendly services, all trains in the Fuxing series are more comfortable than older and slower trains, the slower version will replace older trains next month.

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