Coupled CRRC “Equator EMU” with Self-developed Core Systems Put into Operation Today

FORM: 19/03/2018 Browse number:2039

By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 19-Mar-2018

On the morning of March 13, the coupled CRRC urban EMU was put into operation on the airport line of Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. A luxury team from Malaysia attended the ceremony, including Liow Tiong Lai (Minister of Transport of Malaysia, Aziz (Deputy Minister of Transport of Malaysia) and Nazmi (Chairman of ERL Airport Express Company). Moreover, they not only attended the operation ceremony, but also boarded the EMU.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is located near the equator, with an average temperature of around 30 °C and the rainy season lasts for nine months in one year. With the full consideration on the local special natural climate environment, the designers improved the train sealing level, designed a roof conducive to drainage and equipped the roof with lightning protection devices and high-power air conditioners to ensure the temperature of the compartment stays at 23-24 °C. Therefore, it is also known as the “Equator EMU”.

There were 6 coupled urban EMUs with 4-car formation and the maximum operating speed of 160 km/h, meeting the requirement of the quasi-high-speed EMU.

The core systems of the EMU such as traction systems, braking systems and network control systems are self-developed, featuring with high speed, stability and low noise. Compared with common EMUs, the EMU is provided with unique coupled structures. Its greatest advantage is that the number of bogies is reduced. Therefore, not only the weight and manufacturing costs of the EMU can be reduced, but also the integrity of the EMU can be improved and the longitudinal impact can be reduced, making the EMU more stable and safe. The technology is rarely used in China. Therefore, the designers have carried out a lot of innovations in the development of the car body and the bogie, filling many gaps in the research and development of domestic coupled EMUs.

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