CRRC Qishuyan delivered and shipped locomotives to Nigeria as scheduled

FORM: 19/08/2020 Browse number:198

On August 7, the second batch (11 units) of diesel locomotives made by CRRC Qishuyuan for export to Nigeria for Abuja-Kaduna Railway and Lagos-Ibadan Railway were shipped from Changzhou Port to Shanghai, starting their journey to Nigeria, also marking the on-time completion of the delivery and shipment of the order.

As the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria has been constantly improving its traffic conditions. The construction of Abuja-Kaduna Railway and Lagos-Ibadan Railway provides new and better options for the Nigerian people. In order to satisfy the increasing demand for passenger and cargo transportation after the operation start of the railways, Nigerian National Railway Corporation opts for “Made in China”. The order is another important one CRRC received in the Western African railway market following its export of complete trains to Kenya, Guinea, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria and Angola.

To better meet the local railway transportation needs of Nigeria, CRRC Qishuyan has made many adaptive improvements based on the original mature and reliable models, and has also provided assistance to Nigeria in areas like personnel training and operation support.