CRRC Will Release Two Railway Vehicles on InnoTrans 2018

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By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 14-Sep-2018

Interested in the trend of the world's rail transportation? Go to the CRRC display area of InnoTrans 2018 and you will see. The industry's leading Berlin Rail Transportation Trade Fair (InnoTrans 2018) will open on September 18. CRRC will appear on InnoTrans as a "value creator serving comprehensive transportation".

In the dazzling vehicle display area, there are CRRC's two up-to-date vehicles traveling from China 7,300 kilometers away. They are the hybrid AC driving shunting locomotive developed for Germany's Deutsche Bahn and the new generation of carbon fiber metro vehicle "CETROVO".

The new hybrid AC driving shunting locomotive made by CRRC for Germany's Deutsche Bahn adopts the "diesel + battery" hybrid power technology, with a maximum speed of 80km/h. It conforms to the TSI standards and EBA requirements. Mainly used for logistics supply and light rail vehicle rescue at railway construction sites, it can be operated on Germany's main line railways, TEN sections and Hamburg light rail lines. With the carbon fiber technology massively adopted, the carbon fiber metro vehicle "CETROVO" has a total weight 13% lighter than the traditional metro vehicles. "CETROVO" is also "transformable" for its capability of flexible formation in a "2+N" mode according to the operation needs. What's the coolest thing about it is highly intelligent. For example, with only a touch on the windows, the passengers can read news, buy tickets, watch videos and TV live broadcasts, etc.

CRRC orientates itself as an "integrated rail transportation solution provider for global customers" and a "value creator". Therefore, at this trade fair, CRRC will also bring system solutions such as the prognostics and health management technology of rail vehicles, urban rail vehicle platform, integrated freight solution, etc.

By integrating advanced technologies such as perception, diagnosis, prediction and decision making, the "the prognostics and health management technology of rail vehicles" (PHM) forms the capabilities of vehicle status perception, real-time analysis, distributed processing, real-time communication, intelligent decision making and accurate execution, etc. It can be said that it is a "super intelligent health management system".

The urban rail vehicle platform is a new generation of subway train platform featuring safety, environmental protection, intelligence and energy conservation. The vehicles of the platform use advanced material application technology, lightweight technology, intelligent control technology, energy conservation and environmental protection technology, integrated monitoring and control industrial Ethernet technology, in-transit information intelligent service technology, and new passenger information technology. It has the characteristics of intelligence, low energy consumption, high humanization, safety and environmental protection, and can comprehensively improve the level of urban rail transportation equipment and service quality.

Integrated freight solution connects waterways and airlines and realizes multimodal transportation in a green and convenient manner. It seamlessly connects multiple transportation means of highways, railways and waterways and achieves rapid transit. Such integration can jointly push forward coordinated development of various modes of transport, promote transformation and upgrading of transportation and logistics industries, reduce cost and increase benefits, and also promote low-carbon development.

In addition, CRRC also launched a "transformable" inter-city EMU with high universality. Of which the formation can be changed at will within the range of 2 cars to 20 cars as needed. The freight EMU with speeds above 250km/h can carry goods at high speed. China's first national technology innovation center - the National High-speed Train Technology Innovation Center will make its first appearance at InnoTrans. It is an international and professional innovation platform jointly built by the government, scientific research institutions, universities, enterprises and other forces.

With the aim of "building a respectable international company", CRRC has become one of the largest rail transportation equipment companies in the world, with annual sales revenue of USD 31.538 billion in 2017. It has 83 branches in 26 countries and regions around the world, 13 overseas research and development centers, and localized manufacturing bases in the United States, India, Malaysia, South Africa, etc., with products covering 104 countries and regions on six continents. CRRC, together with the Dresden University, has established the China-Germany Rail Transit Technology Research and Development Center in Germany. The globally leading damper supplier BOGE, which is CRRC''s subsidiary in Niedersachsen, Germany, has been among the top 50 companies in Niedersachsen. In 2017, CRRC gave commendation to 58 "HSR craftsmen", where Daniel Nickel from the Simmern factory of BOGE is honored.

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