The world's first ART demonstration line runs today!

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By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 24-May-2018

At 9:50 in the morning of May 8, after pressing the trial run starting device of the first Autonomous rail Rapid Transit (ART) Line A1 (Phase 1), the ART officially entered the three-month trial operation phase. This is another key milestone in the commercial application of CRRC to promote ART following the debut of ART on the demonstration line in October last year, which indicates that the new type of ART rail-based transport system independently developed by CRRC has been initially capable of commercial operation.

Adoption of central island platform

The Zhuzhou ART Line A1 (Phase 1) has a total of 4 central island platforms, with a total length of approximately 3 km.

According to the planning, the total mileage of Zhuzhou ART demonstration line is 12 km, which is planned to be constructed in two phases. The total length of the Phase 2 is about 9 km, which will be connected with Phase 1 to form an ART demonstration loop line of 12 km.

Improvement in safety and comfort

The safety protection facilities such as the 360-degree around view system and vehicle radar, etc. have been added, which monitor the surrounding road conditions and facilities in all aspects. Thereby the operational safety has been further guaranteed. In terms of internal space layout, folding seats have been added to provide more seats, and the height and number of handrails have also been optimized and adjusted to provide more humanized designs.

The ancillary works such as communication signal equipment, control centers, intersection signal priority systems and road safety facilities have been installed. Priority has been given to ART trains at intersections on the line. In simple terms, the trains give instructions to the signal lights at a distance of 100 m away from the lights, and the signal lights adjust the traffic light system after receiving the signals to ensure that the ART trains pass through the intersections safely and quickly with priority.

10-minute charging supports 25 km operation

In order to reduce the charging time, the terminal stations of the line are equipped with the train charging devices that adopt the short-time high-power fast charging technology. After the trains enter the station and send out a charging application, the charging devices will automatically switch to the power supplying state, and the trains will lift the pantograph to receive power. The maximum charging current can reach 1000A, charging for 10 minutes can guarantee an endurance mileage of 25 km, which is environment protective and energy-saving!

According to statistics, since the launch in June last year, more than 150 groups have visited the CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co., Ltd. to study the ART trains, including more than 20 overseas cities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand and Brazil, etc.

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