Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) Developed by CRRC Ziyang Started Operation in Sudan

FORM: 05/01/2018 Browse number:1415

By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 05/01/2018

At 17:00 of January 2 (11:00 for local Khartoum time), Sudanese President Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the launch of two DMUs developed by CRRC Ziyang Co., Ltd at its capital Khartoum.

Before the ceremony, one of the two DMUs directly moved to the location of presidential palace of Sudan; then the President got on the train and left for the site of ceremony. With such traveling experience, the President highly appreciated the safety and comfort of Made-in-China DMUs.

The President delivered a speech on the launch ceremony and remarked that the development of railway industry in the nation was highly dependent on the strong support from Chinese-funded enterprises like CRRC. Therefore, he was convinced that those high-quality DMU trains would bring more convenience to the Sudanese people.

The DMU trains launched consist of 2 locomotives and 6 trailer units connected by push-pull locomotive traction. Each train is capable of carrying 432 passengers at the maximum service speed of 120km/h, and can adapt to the severe environment in Sudan like high temperature and heavy sandstorm.

CRRC Ziyang, as the first enterprise in China that provides Sudan with diesel locomotives and DMUs, has offered more than 50 trunk line locomotives and 10 DMUs to Sudan since 2005; and now it is the biggest Chinese locomotive vendor in Sudan.