CRRC electric bus was put into service in a French airport

FORM: 29/12/2017 Browse number:2062

By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 2017-12-29

In a shared private airport in Paris of France, a shiny bus with CRRC logo is running quietly and nobly. The bus quietly elevates its pantograph on its top, which is stably connected to the charging rack. After 5 minutes’ charging, the bus leaves the charging station quietly. This is the debut of the first high end electric bus of CRRC in France.

The new bus was purchased by CIE Company of France; the bus model is C12, which is a low-floor electric bus. The whole bus is designed according to the EU standards. The fast pantograph charging system (mounted on the top of the bus) which is compatible with the 240kW charging system is used for the bus.

The CRRC C12 electric bus is featured with relatively mature application among the CRRC vehicle products. The new vehicles delivered this time conform to the EU standards, and the details are newly designed. The whole vehicle is designed according to the EU standards. According to the actual situation of the user, a pantograph charging device is elaborated for fast charging during the day time, which is rapid and convenient. The vehicle is also integrated with a charging gun, which could be used for charging in the off-peak period to save the operating costs.

C12 achieved the goal of weight reduction through usage of many new materials like the aluminum alloy closing plates and skin plates. With identical electricity quantity in the battery, the weight of the new bus is equivalent to the weight of the vehicles with aluminum alloy car body.