Two subway lines built by CRRC in Nanjing put into operation smoothly

FORM: 27/01/2023 Browse number:132

Recently, Nanjing Metro Line 1 North Extension Line and Line 7 North Section built by CRRC was successfully put into operation.

Nanjing Metro Line 1 North Extension Line has a total of 9 trains, each of which adopts the six-car formation of wide-body A size trains with a maximum speed of 80km/h, including 4 locomotives and 2 trailers. Different from the existing trains of Nanjing Metro Line 1, the carriages of the trains on the North Extension Line all adopt full-LED lighting, which is both energy-saving and eco-friendly. In addition, the addition of the pantograph-catenary detection device, running gear fault diagnosis, fire alarm and other systems optimizes the operating environment of the existing vehicles on the line.

Nanjing Metro Line 7 is the first GOA4 automatic driving line of urban rail transit in Nanjing. Since the project launch, CRRC Puzhen has been demanding on the whole process of design, manufacturing and commissioning, concentrating its superior resources such as design, production and process on the project, and ensuring both the quality of train products and the production progress through effective production planning, lean process control and strict quality control.

The opening of the North Extension Line of Nanjing Metro Line 1 not only facilitates the travel of residents in the new urban area, but also will open up the internal traffic network through the connection of Line 1 to Line 7, Line 3 and other subway lines in the future, and also provide more travel options for residents in Nanjing.