Commissioning on 1st Qingyuan Maglev train developed by CRRC started

FORM: 18/01/2023 Browse number:180

Recently, the 1st train of Qingyuan Maglev Tour Line developed by CRRC successfully rolled off the assembly line in Qingyuan Maglev Depot. The commissioning of the train was started, during which all indicators were normal. Qingyuan maglev train, as a new generation of medium-low speed maglev train in China, adopts a lot of modular design, and its suspension system employs intelligent fault diagnosis and identification technology, greatly shortening the time required in the commissioning of the suspension system and the train as a whole.

Qingyuan Maglev train adopts a 3-car formation, with cabs at both ends of the train and a carriage equipped with a mixture of vertically arranged double-row seats and horizontally arranged seats. With a total seating capacity of 315 people, the train can hold 500 passengers, and support different speeds in "3+3" formation. Its streamlined locomotive, which looks like a smiling dolphin, blends with elements from colorfully painted giant panda, red crowned crane, giraffe and other animals. The train fully demonstrates the charm of a tour line, creating a fairy tale like atmosphere for passengers.

Qingyuan Maglev Tour Line, being a key construction project in Guangdong Province, will initially have three stations, and later be extended eastward and westward. It aims to become an eco-tourism dedicated line connecting several characteristic towns and resorts, further promoting the integration of southern Qingyuan into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.