5G ultra HD studio on the Winter Olympics train won “Olympic Golden Rings” award

FORM: 28/12/2022 Browse number:168

Recently, the International Olympic Committee presented the “Olympic Golden Rings” awards in Lausanne of Switzerland. Beijing Winter Olympics Virtual Studio and Winter Olympics 5G Train Live Broadcast” won a silver award for “Best Innovation and Set Design”.

In January 2022, Beijing-Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics High-Speed Train developed by CRRC made its debut with the painting of “Snow welcoming spring” on its body, carrying the world’s first high-speed 5G ultra HD Olympics studio, which, by integrating the “high-speed train+5G+4K”technologies, successfully delivered 5G HD games live broadcast with 6 channels and 4K capability. The design and manufacturing team from CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. successfully completed the building of the studio and the installation of equipment including the switcher, landscape camera, stage and lighting within the train. The high-speed train 5G ultra HD studio is built with all IP technology, and supports functions like interviews and mobile live broadcasting throughout the entire train.

The 5D ultra HD mobile studio satisfied the production demand of the omni-media contents for the Winter Olympic Games broadcast of China Media Group, and became a new type of service channel and display platform that connected various sites, venues and media centers.