CRRC has received new orders from North America

FORM: 08/04/2019 Browse number:2650

Back in November 2017, CRRC has been awarded a contract of 24 double-decker passenger coaches from EXO, a public transit authority in Montreal, Canada. Based on the good implementation of the contract, EXO recently exercised its right to purchase 20 additional double-decker passenger coaches from CRRC Tangshan.

So far, the contract has covered 44 double-decker passenger coaches, including 8 cab cars and 36 trailer cars. CRRC will, on the basis of Canada's existing achievements, continue to explore the Canadian rail passenger market and make every effort to build the rail industry and supply chain base in Canada.

In recent years, CRRC has accelerated its expansion into the North American market. Except for Canada, the United States has been one of the most important strategic markets for CRRC. Since first accessing the US market in 2014, CRRC has grabbed more than 1600 subway car and commuter train car orders in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.