CRRC Delivers Two Locally Made Railcars to Boston Officials

FORM: 28/12/2018 Browse number:1612

By Du Rui in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 28-Dec-2018

Two railcars made at China Railroad Rolling Stock Corp's factory in Springfield, Massachusetts, are delivered to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority on on Dec-18, 2018 which achieved a major milestone.

Stephanie Pollack, secretary of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, said: "The two new railcars are the result of the systemic investments made over the past three years and are the first to be produced in the Massachusetts area and will ultimately lead to an entire fleet replacement. Part of the T's-the nickname for the Boston region transit authority-efforts to turn itself around and improve services includes rebuilding its culture from the inside out with a central focus on its customers."

The two Orange Line cars were made at China Railroad Rolling Stock Corp's factory in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Under a contract signed in October 2014, CRRC Massachusetts is manufacturing 404 subway cars, including 152 new Orange Line and 252 Red Line vehicles for the Boston-based MBTA. The new cars will replace ones that were built between 1979 and 1981, which have logged more than 3.2 million kilometers.

Jeff Gonneville, interim general manager of the MBTA, said: "The two railcars are the first step toward improving the reliability of our system, which our customers have been wanting for a long time."

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said the efforts would help "bring the T into the 21st century".

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