Make the car into a submarine?

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By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 20-Aus-2018

After the new upgrade of CRRC new energy vehicle C10,

The protection grade of “T”-power electrically-operated system part reaches IP68, which is equivalent to being submerged in 1.5m deep water for 24 hours.

It can deal with all kinds of urban road conditions easily and calmly.

The power system can be submerged in 1.5m deep water for 24 hours.

The safety performance of the entire vehicle has been mainly improved for the new C10.

The latest “T”-power electrically-operated system is used as the power system, with high performance, high reliability, high safety, and further improved power performance and energy saving level. The protection grade of “T”-power electrically-operated system part reaches IP68, which is equivalent to being submerged in 1.5m deep water for 24 hours. It can deal with urban inland inundation easily and calmly.

The whole vehicle frame is upgraded. The structure is optimized through CAE analysis. High-strength steel is used for the main load-bearing structure to ensure the strength of the frame while achieving lightweight design. The weight of the vehicle body is reduced by 800Kg.

Battery and electrical control upgrade. The battery energy density exceeds 140 wh/kg, which improves the driving range of the vehicle. All power batteries are provided with independent compartments and are individually sealed; heat-insulating wool is added outside the compartment to effectively isolate the heat source. Ventilating grille is used on both sides of the battery compartment, and fans are added to the rear of the rear battery compartment to greatly reduce the effect of the environment outside the compartment on the ambient temperature in the compartment.

The new vehicle is equipped with the energy storage management system developed independently by CRRC. The automobile-level component type selection is adopted; the battery, the high-voltage circuit safety of the whole vehicle, and the charging and driving safety can be protected on line; the battery status can be predicted accurately, so as to achieve reasonable use of battery and lengthen the battery service life.

In terms of charging operation, the battery system has a cycle life of 4,000 times and an 8-year warranty period. Through being charged in a centralized manner at night + daytime charging when shift changes, the vehicle can operate more than 300 km all day long, which improves the operating efficiency of the vehicle and saves the operating cost as well.

New layout of electrical equipment, more reasonable details after optimization

The overall layout of the new C10 is more reasonable; its wheel base reaches 5.8 meters, which makes the interior space of the vehicle larger.

Flat floor structure is adopted in the middle and rear part of the vehicle, which increases the standing area.

The layout of electrical equipment in the cabin is centralized, modular and humanized; the disassembly and assembly are convenient and fast, which will facilitate the daily maintenance. The rear door is designed with double-layer waterproof grille, which not only ensures the ventilation of the rear door, but also effectively prevents the rain from entering the cabin.

In the driving area, new instrument panel is designed, taking the ergonomics into full consideration for optimization; high-grade driver seat can be selected to optimize the driver’s ride comfort and highlight the driving pleasure. The central control display can be equipped with a 10-inch large screen, which is convenient for drivers to view information. The intelligent instrument independently developed by CRRC is used for multi-function and multi-interface display. The multi-screen display for electrical system information, intelligent maintenance forecast, driving behavior analysis, vehicle energy consumption distribution, etc. is clear at a glance.

In the passenger area, the overall interior decoration focuses on the effective integration of human-machine-environment. Not only the interior decoration design is upgraded, but also the redesign and visual division of the interior space area is paid attention to; the style and color follows the design principle of being balanced and coordinated, creating a riding environment like the living room for passengers. In order to create a comfortable, bright and technologically-friendly interior light effect, reflected illumination is adopted for lighting, and lights are installed inside the ceiling to highlight the warmth and the visual beauty in the cabin; the shower-style air duct design makes the car more beautiful.

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