Casting & Forging

CRRC offers “One Stop Shop” service for custom ferrous and non-ferrous open dies, closed dies, rolled rings, and extruded forgings. We know metal and how to best produce it for highly specialized applications. We provide cost-effective and timely solutions for forge bars, rings, hubs, blanks, step-down shafts, spindles, hollows, torch cut contours, and custom-shaped parts. High strength, long life parts optimized in both mechanical properties and structural integrity are produced in sizes ranging from a few pounds to tons in weight. Some commonly forged part applications for railcars include high quality crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, water jackets, gears, couplings, cardan shafts, flanges and hubs.

CRRC manufactures highly engineered metal castings for a variety of products, including engines, motors, locomotives, passenger coaches and freight wagons. We have the ability to produce castings from a wide selection of materials, including carbon, low-alloy, high-alloy, stainless steel, gray/ductile,/nodular alloy and non-ferrous alloy iron, aluminum, zinc, and copper  We also have  the ability to manufacture parts in a variety of sizes, ranging from small die cast components for piston ring weighting a few ounces to large steel castings weighting up to 32 tons.

Combining over 100 years of metal casting knowledge with the finest materials, latest technology and best quality, we have strong capability to deliver worldwide. We currently export to Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and India, conforming to international standards and  customers’ specifications.

With an annual production capacity of nearly 130,000 tons of steel castings, 40,000 ton of iron castings and 4,000 tons of non-ferrous metal castings, we offer professional service with new casting designs or modification to customers’ existing parts. For customers’ special requirements, we are available for in-time assistance and door-to-door service. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with best service and high quality at a competitive price. We stress partnerships with our clients and make efforts to create an example of win-win relationships in which everyone wins!