CRRC advances the development of new wagons through innovation and experience. It leads the development of 70-ton and 80-ton wagons, which mark a new epoch in China’s railway transportation in both speed and load. With the loading capacity increasing by 17-31% and speed up to 120 km/h, these wagons can form 5,000- to 20,000-ton heavy haul unit trains.

CRRC manufactures a full line of freight wagons with axle load up to 40 tons, including covered wagons, open-top wagons for coal, ore, steel and timber, hopper wagons for grain, ore and fertilizer, flat wagons, double-deck container flat wagons, tank wagons for all types of liquid and chemicals, tipper wagons, and schnabel and depressed center wagons. Designed for economical loading and unloading, CRRC’s innovative freight wagons offer operators and customers the advantages of great loading capacity and simple handling.

Key technologies include the following components: ZK6 bottom cross-braced bogie, E grade steel coupler, and big capacity draft gear that have been proved to be the most advanced.

80-ton wagons have the lightweight body made of aluminum or economic stainless steel, therefore, the axle load can be increased to as many as 25 tons.

State-of-the-art wagons have not only replaced old ones but also successfully entered the world markets. The wagons we manufacture for Australia for transporting ores have an axle load of 40 tons, the highest in the world.