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Introduction of CRRC Datong Co., Ltd

CRRC Datong Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CRRC Datong), as a core subsidiary of CRRC, mainly focuses its business on the research, manufacture and maintenance of locomotives and rolling stocks for railway transportation, leasing of locomotives and rolling stocks, research and manufacture of core parts for railway equipments, active carbon, production and marketing of mechanical and electrical equipments as well as imports and exports. It has now grown into a research and manufacturing company specialized in railway transportation equipments, and an integrated supplier offering solutions at the request of customers.

Founded in 1954, CRRC Datong covers an area of 2,330,000m2 with over 6,000 employees now. It has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 international environment standard, GB/T28001 profession security and health management system, and IRIS international railway standard certification, and achieved a pass — ГОСТ standard system certificate, which allows the products of the company to be exported to CIS countries. Being a high-tech company, research and development center engaged in engineering technology of electric locomotives in Shanxi Province, it has a national technology center, a national lab and measuring office as well as a R&D center specialized in HV electric technology built in Beijing.

After over 60 years’ reform and development, CRRC Datong has witnessed the developing history of Chinese railway and built up a research, manufacture and maintenance platform for electric locomotives with its reasonable plane layout, smooth process and advanced equipments. HX2 locomotive series produced by CRRC Datong is an outstanding brand among the three types of AC transmission electric locomotive in China. Being integrated with the cutting-edge technology in the manufacture of rail transportation equipments in China, its AC traction electric locomotives with different powers and axle arrangements, such as HXD2, HXD3, HXD2C, new HXD2, bear on the tasks of freight and passenger transportation in many main lines, such as Daqin, Jinghu, Jingguan, Jingbao, Longhai and Xikang, etc. Under the guide of the Going Abroad strategy, two types of broad-gauge AC high power transmission electric locomotives China-Belarus I and II, which were developed and manufactured on its own, were exported to Belarus, making history of AC high power transmission electric locomotives made in China exported to the European market for the first time.

Adhering to the development and manufacture of complete electric locomotives, CRRC Datong develops relevant accessory industries energetically at the same time. By introducing manufacturing technology of monoblock cast steel wheel from America, it not only has its products installed in Chinese freight locomotives, but also sold as far as to America and South Africa; by introducing the technology of pantograph from German and traction transformer from Swiss, it has equipped HX locomotives and EMU with the world-leading pantographs, HV and LV electrical equipments and traction transformers; its products of the wheel-axle system have account for 70% of export markets in India. The extension and development of its main industry chains has formed a diversified structure matching the technology of and service on railway transportation equipments and products.

With the core industry of electric locomotives, CRRC Datong develops energetically diversified industries represented by the active carbon and environment-friendly products by taking advantages of local resources in Shanxi Province.

Facing the future, CRRC Datong will devote to be a supplier leading the industry of railway transportation equipment system and offering solutions at the request of different customers. We would like to join in efforts with our partners in advancing the railway transportation industry.