Vehicles for Huai'an Modern Tram Phase I Project (HADDB)

Source: DateTime:2017-09-27

Huaian modern tram is a new type of rail vehicle which is highly integrated with the technology of super capacitor and 100% low floor vehicles. The train is composed of four modules including 3 motor cars and 1 trailer car. The maximum operation speed is 70km/h and the design life is 30 years. This vehicle is powered by a 9500F super capacitor. It can be charged during each stop thus there is no need of over-head catenary. When the vehicle arrives, the tram is charged in 30 seconds by using the time of passengers getting on and off. It is characterized by "green, intelligent, environmental friendly and convenient". 

Current collection mode:

Charging in station within 30 seconds

Train configuration:


Energy storage component ( Super capacitor)

9500F super capacitor





Floor height:


Axle load:


Rate of Low Floor:

No slope in passenger compartment

Maximum climbing capacity