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Caring Donation for Shibadong Village Primary School by CRRC ZELC

Source: DateTime:2019-06-05

In early summer, Shibadong village is green and vibrant.

Six years ago, the advocating of “targeted poverty alleviation” was born here by President Xi.

Three years ago, President Xi put forward a new judgment that practices of poverty alleviation must take education as priority.

One year ago, CRRC ZELC together with Shibadong Village set up the Shibadong Village Blue Schoolbag Fund.

Now the promise has come true, the blue schoolbags, carrying the dream of Children, are endowed with love from CRRC ZELC.

As Children’s Day approaching, on May 24, CRRC ZELC Blue Schoolbag education supporting activities were held in Shibadong Village, with Shibadong village primary school received the donation of 30,000 RMB scholarship and 6,000 RMB school supplies.

CRRC ZELC has been actively engaged in charitable activities and poverty alleviation. Besides supporting spring water project, CRRC ZELC also helped to build “Miao Embroidery National Intangible Cultural Heritage Poverty Alleviation and Employment Workshop”, develop Miao embroidery product themed as high-speed train and export this intangible cultural heritage to the world.

(Translator: Lili HE)