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CRRC ZELC Participated in the South Africa Easter Tournament for the First Time

Source: DateTime:2019-05-13

South Africa time on April 19-22, the 60th South African Easter Tournament was held in South Africa Witwatersrand University. A CRRC ZELC-led men’s basketball united team from CRRC ZELC and other brother enterprises from Zhuzhou city, as representative of CRRC, participated in the games.

China’s ambassador to South Africa Lin Songtian attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He led the embassy officials, the organizing committees and the leaders of Chinese enterprises in South Africa to watch and kick off the match between CRRC ZELC and Swaziland basketball team. He praised the CRRC basketball team for their spirit. CRRC basketball team was the only team from Chinese enterprises into the Top 8 knockout matches. During the match, local Chinese and overseas Chinese, media reporters, students of Witwatersrand University and local sports fans went to the stadium to watch the game.

These games include men’s and women’s basketball, badminton, table tennis and golf of all age groups. Among them, there are 16 teams in the men’s basketball adult group, including four teams from Chinese enterprises—CRRC, State Grid, Huawei and Borg. This event has a long history and is an important platform for overseas Chinese to strengthen the bonds. It is usually held during Easter. In recent years, under the guidance of the Chinese embassy in South Africa, Chinese enterprises have gradually integrated themselves into some local community activities. CRRC South Africa basketball team was established in 2018. In 2018, it participated in the South African basketball league of Chinese enterprises and won the second place.

(Translator: Lili HE)