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[Xinhuanet] Shanghai Metro welcomes the 5,000th metro car / Various features are eye-catching

Source: DateTime:2018-09-07 July 20th (Reporter You Zhixin) On July 19th, the latest metro of Shanghai Metro Line 2, wearing an emerald belt, was formally unveiled at the Shanghai Rail Transit Beidi Road Depot, which marks that Shanghai Metro has officially entered a new era with the scale of 5,000 metro cars and its number of possessions ranked among the top metro cities in China.

Since 1993, Shanghai Metro has been in operation for 25 years. It's possession of metros has continued to set new records.

The 5,000th car that has "settled" on Line 2 is generally regarded as an effective supplement to the existing transportation capability. The 5000th metro's various features are impressive: it's like the "Iron Man" – the metro's body is designed with all-welded aluminum alloy, which increases its strength and improves fireproofing safety level; it adopts "double protection" - adding contactless control unit logic circuits on the original relay logic circuits to provide redundant protection for key systems and effectively reduce the impact of single-point failure on train operation; it equipped with "black box", an independent accident backup and recording equipment, to further improve the efficiency and accuracy of troubleshooting; it has a smarter inherent quality - its wireless transmission module can monitor operation status online and transmit the data to backstage supporter, providing train with capability of failure feedback, and further improving real-time maintenance capability  during operation; its carriage facilities are more user-friendly - increasing more 1080P high-resolution LCDs in multiple locations and adding new double-sided LED passenger displays so that passengers may easily know operation information by raising their eyes even in the case of large passenger flow; All these provide a reliable, fast and comfortable travel experience for passengers.

With expanding scale of Shanghai metro network and rising demand of passenger travel, Shanghai Metro has adopted a series of measures such as purchasing more metros, optimizing operating efficiency, extending operating hours, etc. to increase energy efficiency for smooth passenger travel.

Shanghai Metro expects to possess more than 6,000 cars by 2019 and 7,000 cars by 2020. Shanghai Metro will stay on deepening reforms to build Shanghai as a global city of excellence.