TQFR3000B Main Generator

Source: DateTime:2017-09-19

TQFR3000B Main Generator

Product Name

TQFR3000B Main Generator

volume length*width*heightcm


weight Kg


Rated output power


Rated working voltage


Rated Current


Rated rotating speed


Maximum rotating speed


Rated torque


Starting torque is no less than


Motor insulation grade


TQFR3000B generator was the earliest main generator manufactured by our company and was applied to medium-speed diesel engine to supply power for traction motor for the locomotive. It’s mainly used by the previous DF and DF4 diesel locomotive. The series generator has been exported to Uzbekistan Kazakhstan and North Korea etc.

Technical Feature

1. Motor structure: being three-phase salient pole synchronous generator with horizontal single bearing structure, E32626QTY single-row cylindrical roller bearing is installed at shaft extension end with shat extension 1:10 taper to help transmission and the other end is connected to diesel engine by flexible coupling.

2. Ventilation method: It adopts protection radial self-ventilation with cooling air entering from end cover air inlet, blown by scoop-type fan installed at the two ends of rotor and discharged from two air outlets below and above the frame.

3. Excitation: brush excitation with excitation through brush carrier and slip ring.

Technical Advantage

1. To supply traction power for diesel locomotive with medium-speed diesel engine

2. Large power

3. High voltage

4. Wide voltage ratio

5. High insulation class

6. Stable performance


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