CRRC TAIYUAN Co., Ltd founded in 1898, is one of the earliest railway factories in China and has a history of around 80 years in manufacture and maintenance of railway products since 1934. The company, subordinate to CRRC, is a large state-owned first-class enterprise, the largest maintenance base of railway electric locomotives in China and a leading company in design and manufacture of K series hopper cars. The operating machinery for railway engineering designed and manufactured by the company itself has reached domestic advanced level.

CRRC TAIYUAN Co., Ltd covers an area of about 1.124 km², with 4,000 employees, 3,900 sets of various machinery and equipment, and more than 150 sets of large-scale precision equipment. The Company products focus primarily on three fields: maintenance of electric locomotives, manufacture and maintenance of freight wagons, and manufacture of engineering vehicles. The company has an annual shop maintenance capacity of 750 sets of electric locomotives, involving various types of electric locomotives in the main railway. New vehicle products include the design and manufacture of gondola cars, ballast hopper cars, coal hopper cars, flat cars, tank trucks, automatic dumping cars etc., with an annual production capacity of 5,000 new vehicles, and an annual shop maintenance capacity of 8,000 vehicles. Engineering vehicles mainly include catenary working vehicles, constant-tension cable unrolling vehicle, heavy rail cars, traction diesel locomotives for mining, tunnel tractors, rail car with a working platform ,inspection vehicles, washing vehicles, railway crane trucks and other railway engineering maintenance products, with an annual production capacity of 500 sets. In addition, the company also manufactures a variety of rail vehicle accessories, castings (steel, iron, copper and aluminum), forgings, welding parts, machining parts etc.