Meter-gauge diesel electric multiple unit (DEMU)

From: 2016-05-06

This EMU is a meter-gauge diesel multiple unit (DMU) to be exported for Ghana Railway (Africa). The whole train features a 6-car formation (2 motor cars + 4 trailer cars) with a motor car at each end and 4 trailer cars in between. With diesel generators as power sources, the train adopts AC-DC-AC electric drive. The whole train has a length of approx. 108 m, a width of 2,650 mm, and a gauge of 1,067 mm. Each motor car is provided with a driver’s cab, a control room, a power room, a cooling room, and a passenger saloon; the car body is a carbon steel structure; meter-gauge power bogies, air spring bolsters, rubber axle box guides, solid wheels, elastic axle hung traction motors, and hollow shaft drive gear box structures are mounted on underbody of each car. Traction motors and gear boxes are products of VOITH; CAT diesel engines are selected; traction converters are products of KIEPE. Diesel engines and traction generators are matched and installed in the power rooms at both ends; featuring a transmission mode of “one for two”, traction converters are mounted beneath underframes of motor cars; auxiliary converters are auxiliary power units of the EMU; air brakes are used; trailer cars are semi-cushioned seat coaches with movable windows, automatic sliding-plug doors and end doors.

The meter-gauge diesel electric multiple unit (DEMU) features a diesel AC-DC-AC electric drive mode which represents the state of the art and takes the lead in China. This mode is used on approx. 3% of all EMUs in the world.

The key techniques used on the meter-gauge DEMU include: microcomputer control technique, performance matching technique for traction power system, stabilizing technique for traction control system, applied technique of AC drive mode on meter-gauge EMUs, development techniques for power performance and track adaptability of power bogies and non power bogies; anticorrosion and coating techniques for car bodies under high humidity and high salt mist conditions; strength and modular design techniques for meter-gauge car bodies; vibration and noise control techniques, etc.


Gross weight of EMU (all seats taken)


Gross weight of motor cars (all seats taken)


Gross weight of trailer cars (all seats taken)


Overall length of EMU

Approx. 108.4 m

Width of car body (widest point)


Height of floor above rail level (empty car)


Drive mode

AC electric drive

Type of running gear

Bogie type

Motor car


Trailer car


Wheel diameter

(New wheel/fully abraded) φ700mm /640mm

Axle arrangement of motor car


Axle load


Maximum running speed


Maximum test speed


Installed power/speed of EMU

1236kW(618 kW x2)/1800rpm

Starting tractive effort (half-worn wheels)

Approx. 145KN

Starting acceleration of EMU (straight and level track)

2.0 km /h/s (0.55m/s2)

Deceleration (normal braking & emergency braking)

3.0-4.0km /h/s (0.83~1.11 m/s2)

Seating capacity of EMU

668 persons

Fuel tank capacity

Approx. 750L

Emergency braking distance

≤400 m (initial speed at brake application on straight and level track is 80km/h)

Overall coefficient of heat transfer of car body (K value) in stationary state


Riding index


Wheel unloading rate


Derailment coefficient