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SDD7 Diesel Locomotive

SDD7 diesel locomotive is a kind of mainline passenger and freight diesel locomotive with AC-DC transmission. It is equipped with CAT 3516B diesel engine at the rated power of 1678W; with DC transmission and double microcomputer control system; the double drivers cabs are of inside corridor; the bogie adopts three driving axles which are driven separately, U tube suspension traction motor, same orientation arrangement, the locating of pull rod for axle box, frame welding, enter pin traction; the locomotive adopts piston air compressor, direct traction by diesel engine, air braking system is of 26L. The maximum rated power (main input power) of the locomotive is 1678W, the maximum starting tractive effort is 320kN, the continuous tractive effort is 200kN, the maximum running speed is 120km/h, the locomotive is capable of double heading in consist. The axle load is 18.5t.

SDD7 diesel locomotive features performance of anti-slip and anti-slide, with high efficiency of wheel rim and high speed of staring, its dynamic performance and brake performance is well. The design, manufacture and assembly of the locomotive are modularized, and convenient for inspection and maintenance. The locomotive has two hook buffer systems, Scharfemberg full automatic coupler and screw coupling plus side buffer.

Main technology parameters

Purpose:Mainline passenger and freight locomotive

Gauge:1676 mm

Locomotive clearance limit:to meet Argentina railway clearance limit , NEFA 604

Transmission mode:AC-DC transmission

Axle arrangement:C0-C0

Wheel diameter:1050 mm

Axle load:18.5 t

Calculating locomotive weight with full service:111 t(2/3 fuel and sand)

Running power:1678 kW

Locomotive speed:(Calculated at half worn driving wheel)

Maximum running speed:120 km/h

Continuous speed:21.5 km/h

Locomotive tractive effort at the wheel rim:

a) Maximum starting tractive effort:320 kN

b) Continuous tractive effort:200 kN

Minimum curvature radius negotiated:100 m


a) Wheelbase:1800 mm

b) Total wheelbase of bogie:3600 mm

c) Total wheelbase of locomotive:14480mm

Locomotive configuration:

a) Length:19980mm

b) Width:3160mm

c) Height:4420mm

Fuel tank capacity:6000 L

Total lubrication volume:410 kg

Total water volume:800 kg

Total sand volume:400 L

Center line of coupler above rail top:

Scharfemberg coupler:mm

Screw coupler:mm

The distance from side buffer to the center line of locomotive:1860±5mm