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HXN5B high power AC transmission shunting locomotives

HXN5B high power AC transmission shunting locomotives are fitted with R12V280ZJ diesel engines, CDJF212 main and auxiliary generator and CDJD113 AC-induction asynchronous traction motor. The locomotive is equipped with electronic fuel injection system, high pressure ratio VGT system, IGBT module axle control high power AC traction system, real-time network distribution micro-computer control system based on MVB bus and multi processors, remote fault diagnosis system, centralized ventilation system, and bogie positioning through single axle box pull-rod. Featuring excellent performance, good economical efficiency, environment-friendliness high applicability, easy maintainability and high reliability, it is a good choice to be used in classification, shunting and district transfer in large and medium sized marshalling yards as a shunting diesel locomotive.

HXN5B high-power AC transmission shunting locomotive is characterized by high tractive effort, quick startup and acceleration. Fuel consumption for its diesel is low and fuel consumption rate under nominal conditions is 198g/kW.h. The locomotive optimizes control parameters of cooling water system, uses new technology, e.g. ventilation volume is controlled by traction motor temperature, which effectively reduces the power used by basic auxiliary function. The locomotive is able to halt the operation of diesel when the locomotive is in waiting order, and use storage battery to provide power for life facilities and auxiliary equipments of the locomotive. The locomotive uses electronic fuel injection and high pressure ratio variable nozzle supercharging technique with Tier Ⅱ emission level. To ensure operation safety, the locomotive is fitted with 6A monitoring system.

1.Purpose:Shunting and District Transfer


3.Transmission Method:AC-DC-AC Transmission

4.Axle Arrangement:C0-C0

5.Wheel Diameter:1250mm

6.Axle Load:25t

7.Calculated Service Weight:150t

8.Max. Service Power:3530kW

9.Locomotive Speed:

a) Max. Speed:100km/h

b) Max. Constant Power Speed:100km/h

c) Continuous Speed:18.2 km/h

10.Tractive Effort at the Wheel Rim of Locomotive

a) Max. Starting Tractive Effort:560kN

b) Continuous Tractive Effort:540kN

11.Minimum curvature radius negotiated:100m

12.Capacity of Fuel Tank:8500L

R12V280ZJ Diesel Engine

1.Number of Cylinder:12 Cylinders

2.Cylinder Bore: 280 mm

3.Piston Stroke: 300 mm

4.Nominal Power: 3530KW

5.Rated Speed: 1000 rpm

6.Min. No-load Stabilized Speed:330 rpm

7.Min. Operation Speed: 400rpm

8.Fuel Consumption Rate: 198g/k W.h (nominal conditions)

196 g/kW.h(920 rpm)

9.Lubrication Oil Consumption Rate at Nominal Power: ≤0.5% of fuel

10.Emission Index:TierⅡ