CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd., founded in 1908, isan enterprisespecialized in research and manufacture of railtransport equipmentin China, and is the first-class large-scalecompany in China’srailway equipment manufacturing industry. Puzhenwith thepersistent priority of developing national industry andbuildingits own brand, while devoting herself to developingandmanufacturing of modern new type of rail transport equipment,hasdeveloped into a research and production base of China’srailwaydouble-deck air-conditioned passenger car and theappointedmanufacturer of China’s rail transit vehicles. Puzhentakes 2000mufloor space and has over 5200 employees, near 1500engineers andtechnicians, and 1864 equipment of all kinds, with itsproductssold to 18 railway bureaus and localrailways.

Company products comprises 25B, 25G, 25K, 25Tvehicles at all speedlevels, together with such core parts asbogie, brake, passengercar bearing, which have realizedsophistication, serialization anddiversification. In 1992 and 1997,the short- and medium-distancedouble-deck air-conditioned passengercar and the quasi-high speeddouble-deck air-conditioned passengercar were awarded the firstprize of Scientific and TechnologicalProgress respectively. The“2M1T (two motor cars and one trailercar)”multiple units, the160km/h diesel sightseeing multiple units,and the 200km/h trackinspection car developed by Puzhen Companyrepresent the latestmanufacturing level of China’s multiple unitsand passenger cars.

By bringing in, digestion and innovation, Puzhenas the leadingmanufacturing enterprise of rail transit vehicles inChina, hasmastered the manufacturing technology of rail transitvehicles frominternational top-ranking cities, which makes her winorders ofrail transit vehicles from Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou,Hangzhou,Shenzhen, Hongkong, Mumbai India, etc, coming to 13 lines2012 carsin total.

Puzhen is strong in terms of R&D platform andmanufacturing,while getting hold of the three core technologies ofnetworkcontrol, bogie, and brake as well as aluminum alloy andstainlesssteel manufacture. Through the open-type innovation ofcoretechnologies, corporate manufacturing strength hasbeencomprehensively upgraded, leading to the scale productioncapacityof annual output of 2000 new passenger cars, 600 repairedcars, and600 rail transit cars as well as 1000bogies.

Puzhen, with her solid management, has establishedERP, officeautomation (OA), production management informationsystem and PDMproduct data system, all in a leading position of herindustry.