Li Wanjun, CRCC’s Top Welder, Awarded “The Man Moving China in 2016” by CCTV

From: 2017-02-22

Li Wanjun, a senior technician from the bogie welding workshop of CRCC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. and a winner of the title of National Outstanding Communist Party Member, attends a CCTV-1 award show at 8:00 on Feb 8 for he is listed among “the Men Who Moved China in 2016”

Wearing his tidy coverall with a CRCC logo, Li Wanjun walked onto the stage when the music sounded. In the interview, he talked about how he had kept improving practical skills under his father’s influences despite the hardships when he entered the company and how he had grown from a technical school graduate into an outstanding worker of China.

“The spirit of a craftsman is just to perfect technology by taking his products as a work of art.” said Li.

Li Wanjun said that every worker of Chinese high speed railway should seize the opportunities in the rapid development of China’s high speed railway construction headed by China Railway Corporation since their products would be brought to both home and foreign markets.

Bai Yansong, host of the ceremony, presented the award speech to him from the ceremony organizer, “You are the backbone of our times as our sibling, teacher and academician. You have shown your peculiarity in everyday routines and gone beyond the limits one after another with your sincerity, honesty, strength and incomparable skills. This is the life you are living and the masterpiece you have created.” when Li Wanjun came to the center of the stage and took the trophy and flowers from 2 young pioneers after the interview.

Li Wanjun, the 49-year-old welder, is an outstanding representative of China’s high speed railway workers. He is the winner of many professional skill contests and establishes some welding methods and operational regulations in China’ breakthrough on EMU technology by constant practicing and searching for ways to improve his welding skills. Up till now, Li has led his team in his state-level technical master workroom to secure over 20 national patents and tackled more than 100 key technical bottlenecks in the production. He is a representative of the 18th CPC National Congress, a Chinese model worker and an excellent member of Chinese Communist Party, but he never changes his simplicity and modesty. “Such an honor should go to all the people who have contributed to China’s high speed railway, and should go to every technical worker who is working hard in the forefront of production.” said Li after he learned that he was listed as one of “The People Who Moved China in 2016”.

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