The Commencement of Service of Driverless Train in HongKong

——First in China CRRC Changchun Made

From: 2016-12-29

At 2:00pm on December 19, 2016, the official ceremony to celebrate the commencement of South Island Line with fully automated driverless train took place at Ocean Park Station of South Island Line in Hong Kong. Leung Chun Ying, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Zone attended this ceremony and delivered speech. Ma Si Hang, President of MTR Corporation Limited, Li Jingyi, the Deputy General Manager of CRRC Changchun were invited to this ceremony.

In the speech, Leung Chung Ying expressed that he has been always the “fan” of Hong Kong Railway Services and is much honored to witness the commencement of new rail transit line. Along with Kwun Tong Line as already put into service and commencement of South Island Line, the railway network in Hong Kong can be more accessible in all directions.

The metro vehicles independently developed and manufactured by CRRC Changchun for South Island Line in Hong Kong are fully automated driverless metro vehicles which are the first-in-China GOA4 (Grades of Automation 4) vehicles to be put into services in China. Such technology represents top level of mechanical, electronic, electric and control technology in the application of rail transit vehicles. It is also another breakthrough contributed by CRRC Changchun in the field of rail transit design and manufacture.

Totally 10 trains (30 vehicles) will be put into service for South Island Line. 3-car formation will be adopted with stainless steel metro car type A. Maximum operation speed is 80km/h. Train is provided with features for automatic wake-up, automatic operation, automatic fault diagnosis and automatic washing. Vehicles are designed to incorporate the characteristics of south Hong Kong as “Home of coast”. Main body of vehicle is grey color. Dark surfaces with mirror effects present doors and windows in an integrated unit. Vehicle roof is red color. Design is simple with strong contrast. The most apparent character is driverless operation, which adds more space at both ends of the train so that passengers can enjoy special experience.

As one of top ten construction projects in the administration report presented by Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Zone for 2007, South Island Line in Hong Kong is mainly a rail transit line for sightseeing. The east line starts with Admiralty Station and south end reaches South Horizons. Length of entire line is 7km. There are totally 5 stations along this line above and under the ground.

East section of South Island Line will be put into service on December 28, 2016. Commencement of this line symbolizes full coverage of all 18 districts in Hong Kong by this line and offers utmost convenience for citizens in South part of Hong Kong.

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