The first batch of broad-gauge railway vehicles exported to Argentina arrive at Buenos Aires Port

From: 2013-05-22

On May 16th, the cargo vessel OPAL carrying the first 16 coaches out of the 220 broad-gauge railway vehicles exported to Argentina entered into the beautiful Buenos Aires Port and drew a wide attention of the local society. During unloading in May 17th, Argentine Minister of Interior and Transportation paying an inspection visit to the Port looked specially around these vehicles made by CNR CRC and had a good opinion of them.

At the end of September 2009, CNR CRC began to follow up the Broad-gauge Railway Vehicle Project of Argentina and finally signed the Vehicle Supply Contract with Argentine Ministry of Transportation on Dec. 23rd of the same year. The Contract went into effect in June 2011, involving 20 trains or 220 cars, incl. 143 cars of 120km/h speed level and 77 cars of 160km/h speed level.

So far, the Project has been going smoothly and 8 trains have been transported to Dalian Port with the first 7 having been shipped to Argentina. It is planned that totally 11 trains will be sent to Dalian Port by the end of this June and it is predicted that all the vehicles will be delivered to Dalian Port by the end of this year.


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