Chairman & President  Chuanhe Zhou

With 27 years of experience in all facets of the railway industry, President Zhou’s engineering expertise, knowledge of the manufacturing industry, and unique leadership abilities puts him at the helm of CRRC MA – the corporation’s first North American railcar company.  Beginning his career in 1989 as an Engineer, Zhou then excelled over the next twenty plus years holding various management positions.  In 2007, he elevated to Deputy General Manager leading the International Business Division, and in 2014 became President of Hong Kong International Corporation.  President Zhou is the chief representative of CRRC MA on the MBTA’s Orange and Red Line Car Project ensuring that the project team maintains the authority and dedicated resources throughout each phase to ensure milestones are met and adherence to on time vehicle delivery.  

Vice President Jia Bo

Vice President Jia Bo has decades of experience in the rail industry joining CNR CRC in 1993 in various design capacities including Director of the Transit Vehicles Design Department, to design lead of projects in Beijing, Tiajin and Iran.  In 2007, Jia Bo served as Vice Chief Engineer, and in 2015 was appointed Vice President of CRRC MA where he is the point contact on the progress and on-time delivery of the MBTA Orange and Red Line Car Project in the United States and at CRRC headquarters in China.  

Vice President Zhan Yuzhou

Vice President Zhan has 17 plus years of management experience in marketing, corporate operations, and purchasing.  Beginning his career in sales at CRRC Tangshan in 1989, Vice President Zhan rose through the ranks perfecting all aspects of corporate management leading sales team and managing departments.  In 2011, Zhan was named Assistant to the General Manager leading the International Business Division for Market Development.  In 2015, he elevated to Vice President of CRRC MA charged with managing the development and performance of CRRC MA’s first North American Manufacturing Facility in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Zhan is also responsible for the management and development of policies and marketing strategies for the North American market.  

Project Manager Michael Feenaughty

Mike Feenaughty has 28 years of experience in the railcar manufacturing business having successfully managed various projects throughout the United States.  Noted achievements include oversight of the $330m WMATA 6000 Series Project, and management of the design/build and delivery of 60 Amtrak Surfliner rail cars ~on time and on budget.  As Project Manager of Boston’s MBTA Orange and Red Line Project, Feenaughty maintains full authority as he continues to manage and oversee the overall execution of the design and delivery of the Orange and Red line vehicles.  

Human Resources Director Bill Perez

A consummate professional with more than 25 years of experience in Human Resources and Labor Relations, Bill Perez excelled in transportation as the first Assistant Secretary of Transportation, Human Resources, for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ~ MassDOT.  Perez led the fifth-largest transit system in the country, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, (MBTA) with 10,000 employees and an annual budget of $1.8 billion.  In addition to the transportation arena, Bill oversaw Human Resources and Labor Relations for large service organizations such as Waste  Management, Inc.; and consumer goods manufacturing with Reebok, Polartec and Malden Mills.  With strong interpersonal skills and an excellent communicator, Perez is recognized for great integrity and developing strategic relationships.