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    CRRC Construction Engineering CO.,LTD. Sportsmen Returned with Victory

    Source: DateTime:2016-05-24

    At eight AM on the 27th day of Mar., the 2016 Chengdu Shuangyi Marathon began inside the Fenghuang Gymnasium in the city of Dujiangyan. The game attracted more than 30 thousand runners from home and abroad. Under the leadership of the Labour Union and Youth League Committee, seven full-Marathon runners and five ten-km runners from the Corporation participated in it. Lv Yukai from Civil Engineering Dept. became the first one from the Corp. to reach the destination. He spent three hours and thirty-nine minutes. With such good result, he ranked 294th in the Men’s full Marathon. Eleven other participators also completed their running in required time.

    Before this game, five runners from the Corp. along with more than thirty thousand runners participated in the 2016 Chongqing International Marathon on Mar. 20th. The event started when the sun was rising, and they experienced the feeling to be “Running Men”. Two Mini Marathon runners finished their game with ease. Half Marathon runner Wang Xianxing spent one hour and fifty-nine minutes. Other two full Marathon runners both finished in time.

    Marathon requires great physical power, stamina and will. Participants are all willing to work with the same will and spirits, thus greater developments will be reached with better spirits as well as enthusiasm.(Translator/Lin Yuzhu)