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    CRRC Construction Engineering CO.,LTD.Leaders’Investigation and Exchange on Changsha Maglev Express Line and CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co.,LTD.

    Source: DateTime:2016-05-24

    From Mar. 28th to 29th , Chairman of the Board and General Manager Wang Hongwei, Vice General Manager Zhang Mincai and other leaders from the Department of Mechatronics made a visit to Changsha and Zhuzhou which lasted for two days.

    The group took a ride on the maglev express line from the airport to high-speed rail station and visited the maglev train sections in Changsha. They also went to the National-level New Material Test Centre from Zhuzhou Times New Matetials Technology CO.,LTD. Manufacturing Center of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric CO.,LTD.and the Eight-inch IGBT Production Line. A dis

    cussion was conducted with CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co.,LTD.

    General Manager Li Donglin as well as Vice General Manager Xiong Ruihua from CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co.,LTD.and other leaders from Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric CO.,LTD.  Zhuzhou Times New Matetials Technology CO.,LTD.  had extensive exchanges with our company’s group. Staff from CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co.,LTD.briefed our employees on the products and achievements of new materials, electric cabinets, PSD, etc., which they have advantages on. Our company,CRRC Construction Engineering CO.,LTD. introduced the achievements and experiences on the management of rail transportation projects. Views were exchanged on the construction of 9th line of the Kunming Metro. Under the guidance of “One CRRC, One Dream”philosophy, both sides agreed to beef up exchanges, complement each others’ weaknesses with their own strengths, join hands, build up the brand, let CRRC’s advantage be displayed to expand the market and reach win-win situations. (Translator/Lin Yuzhu)