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    “New CRRC, CRRC Spirit” Photo Contest Ended Successfully

    Source: DateTime:2016-05-24

    CRRC’s themed photography contest “ New CRRC, CRRC Spirit” ended successfully on Dec. 10th.  Covering four major themes, it lasted for one month with 203 works from 47 competitors.

    To better the cultural atmosphere of the company, enrich employees lives outside the workplaces and demonstrate the flair of the individuals, the CPC Working Committee, Labour Union and the Youth League Committee organized the event in November.

    Since it’s beginning on the first few days in Nov, many enterprise’s leaders and colleagues supported and took part in the contest. 72 sets and 203 pieces of works were collected. The four major themes were: “New CRRC, CRRC Spirit”, “Project Sketches”, “Beautiful China” and “ The Chinese Dream”.

    With equality and justice as principles, the Youth League Committee invited eight people, including CPC Working Committee Secretary Yang Shaobo, Vice General Manager Zhang Mincai, Labour Union President Fang Mingliang as well as  Deputy Secretary Liu Dongxu and members of the Youth League Committee, they were: Wang Bangyan, Zhang You, Wu Fei, Zhou Aisi, etc. There were so many works, and we decided to choose the best from the excellent, thus three rounds of appraisal were conducted. At last, nineteen photos, including Modern Streetcar in Shenyang Province’ Hunnan from Gao Cui, Painting-like Bridge among Willows from Jia Liufeng and Gazing from Sa Te, etc., won the first, second and third prizes.

    Prizewinners and other outstanding pictures will be demonstrated on CRRC Construction Engineering CO.,LTD. and company WeChat with sequence.(Translator/Lin Yuzhu)