BS1200 Shoulder Ballast Cleaning Machine

Source: DateTime:2016-05-22

BS1200(SBC-HP3) shoulder ballast cleaning machine is through the imported high efficiency track maintenance equipment in terms of technology  development and production, based on Feb.27th locomotive company cooperates with Loram, an US company. This machine is used to clean the line slope. Its total length is about 45 meters, and maximum operation is 1200m3/h, which can complete the mining-delivery-sieving-backfill-reshaping for all processes. Overhaul period of circuit can be extended effectively by lowering the sludge content of side slope, enhancing drainability of track bed, reducing harden of track bed and mud-pumping and other damage.This machine has high work efficiency, complete functions, high degree of integration, reasonable structure for the whole machine, and reliable performance, representing the highest level of congeneric product in the nowadays world.

Main technique parameters

Max. Self-propelled Speed:80km/h

Max. Coupling speed:120km/h

Work speed: variable from 0~ 4km/h

Min. Negotiable curve radius during traveling:180m

Max. Productivity of excavating and screening: not less than 1200m3/h

Max. Excavating depth: not less than 850mm (below top of rail)

Screening efficiency:ballast returned to shoulders will not exceed 3%fines when operating at the rated capacity, with initial track bed contamination less than 30% fines. And usable ballast contained in the waste shall not exceed 5% in weight.

Ballast regulation: the machine is able to regulate the reclaimed clean ballast. The maximum operation width on each side of the track shall be not less than 3.0m (from centerline of track)