Prototype of 600-kilometer-per-hour maglev train developed by CRRC completed trial run successfully

FORM: 24/06/2020 Browse number:1881

On June 21, the prototype of the 600-kilometer-per-hour maglev train developed and manufactured by CRRC Sifang successfully completed trial run on the maglev test line of Shanghai Tongji University. Since the project was kicked off in July 2016, the project team has achieved breakthroughs in the core technologies of high speed maglev train after close to four years of hard work, and successfully developed the prototype, which, after ground commissioning and static tests, started the trial run for line dynamic operation test.

As an emerging high speed traffic mode, high speed maglev has the advantages of high speed, safety and reliability, strong transport capacity, comfort and punctuality, environmental friendliness, and low maintenance cost. The 600-kilometer-per-hour maglev train fills in the speed gap between high speed rail and air transport, which will help to build a more efficient, flexible and convenient multi-dimensional traffic structure with a rational velocity gradient comprising air transport, high speed train, high speed maglev and urban transport, satisfying the travelling needs of different groups.