CRRC locomotive powers Moscow-Berlin international train

FORM: 20/03/2019 Browse number:538

On March 18, a Moscow-Berlin international passenger train departed from Minsk Railway Station, Belarus, powered by the China-Weight Freight No 2 electric locomotive, which was independently developed by CRRC Datong based in Shanxi province.

With its strong horsepower and ability to perform in extreme weather conditions such as cold, rain, and snow, the Chinese-Weight Freight No 2 electric locomotive is the first high-power electric locomotive to be consistently exported from China to the European market.

In 2017, the Chinese-Weight Freight No 2 freight electric locomotive successfully obtained the Eurasian visa, a certification mark to indicate products that meet all of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

The locomotive has since achieved barrier-free transitional transport among EAEU member countries including Belarus.