Locomotive Crankshafts of CRRC Exported to Turkey

FORM: 26/07/2019 Browse number:293

On July 24, eleven crankshafts independently developed by CRRC Ziyang were firstly shipped to Turkey, marking a breakthrough in the history of China to export crankshaft products to Turkey in batch.

Lying across the Eurasia, Turkey has most of its main locomotive technologies imported from the Europe. This time, CRRC Ziyang exports its crankshaft products to Turkey in batch, evidencing that CRRC’s locomotive crankshafts have satisfied the European standards.

Turkey witnesses increasing demands for crankshaft, a key component of the engine, year on year as its locomotive business keeps expanding. Last year, CRRC Ziyang successfully trial-produced a sample crankshaft for Turkey and the user was fully satisfied with and highly recognized the superior quality of the crankshaft and powerful R&D ability of CRRC Ziyang after practical application. Thanks to the superior experience, the user adds orders for another 11 pcs crankshafts early this year.

At the end of June 2019, engineer ERHAN GOR and other representatives of the Turkish user visited CRRC Ziyang for acceptance of these crankshafts. Engineer ERHAN GOR was fully satisfied with these products after strict inspections against relevant documents, test equipment, physical products, and etc. “CRRC Ziyang offers us superior crankshafts with smooth and flat surface that satisfy our technical requirements in all aspects. They are exactly what we want,” he praised.

Expected to arrive at Turkey one month later, these crankshafts will be applied for new locomotives and locomotive repair businesses in Turkey, functioning as the “heart” of locomotives there.

To date, CRRC Ziyang, a leading manufacturer of large and medium-sized forging crankshafts in China, has exported over 2,000 crankshafts of various types to more than 10 countries including Germany, India and South Korea.