PBTS signs another APM project in Singapore, Southeast Asia

FORM: 21/05/2019 Browse number:530

Recently, CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems Co., Ltd.(PBTS) has signed a new contract on Bukit-Panjang Light Rapid Transit. Except for delivering a total of nineteen cars (INNOVIA APM 300R), PBTS will also be responsible for services such as train commissioning and quality assurance services in Wuhu, etc. All the production and commissioning will be completed by PBTS Wuhu facility.

PBTS vehicles will be running on an elevated urban rail transit loop in Bukit Panjang, an area that is densely populated in Singapore. Two of the stations on the loop will be connected to Singapore Metro network.

Regarding the renovation of the existing line, the professional performance and prime products of PBTS’ parent companies repeatedly earn the trust of customers. Meanwhile, PBTS will take this opportunity to contribute to the growth of Singapore's urban rail transit.

Recent years witness the diversified development of urban rail transit and the rising demand for medium-volume traffic systems. Automatic Passenger Rapid Transit System (APM) has become an inevitable requirement for the multi-level development of rail transit network. APM vehicles work for additional lines, connecting lines and supplementary lines in the backbone network of mass transit, which makes APM the preferred choice in reorganizing urban rail transit networks in newly-emerged small and medium-sized cities.