CRRC has won new orders for double-decker trains with local partner from Australia

FORM: 27/02/2019 Browse number:846

Recently, CRRC Changchun has received a second order from Sydney for its double-decker trains.The order includes a total of 17 double-decker trains and post-delivery maintenance in Sydney. The deal's worth has not yet been disclosed. it will design and manufacture the trains and its Australian partner, Downer, will provide maintenance support.

The new trains will be designed to incorporate automatic temperature control systems and monitoring systems, as well as facilities for those with disabilities.

The partnership between CRRC and Downer was established via Waratah Train Project in the early beginning of 20th century. The NSW Government ordered a total of 626 carriages in December 2006, making it the largest single rolling stock order to date in Australia. CRRC as a subcontractor, was first-time involved in the rolling stock industry of Australia.

In 2015, CRRC and Downer aimed to go to next level via much closer cooperation. The parties decided to start strategic partnership within Australia and New Zealand based on long-term mutual understanding and trust. In the end of 2016, CRRC and Downer finally took 2 chances, that is, Sydney Growth Train project and High Capacity Metro Train project.