China's first variable configuration EMU ready to leave factory

FORM: 22/02/2019 Browse number:572

In recent days, a variable configuration electric multiple unit (EMU) has passed all 60 routine tests and is ready for delivery.

Developed by CRRC Tangshan, the variable configuration EMU is the first of its kind in the country, with a minimum formation unit of two powerheads and a maximum of 16 carriages.

Described as the "Transformer" of EMUs, the variable configuration EMU can make flexible responses to the changes in passenger-flow and various demands of passengers.

The power car and trailer bodies can be freely combined depending on passenger flow and can operate at different speeds, as playing with Lego bricks.

The R&D team of the company has achieved technological breakthroughs in traction supply system integration, network control, and carriage coupling.

Carrying capacity has increased by 50 percent, 33 percent, and 70 percent respectively for the newly-developed large-capacity longitudinal sleepers with berths on both sides, double-deck seat cars, and business cars.

Independent cargo compartments with insulated and reefer containers are added at lower decker of the dining cars and passenger-freight cars, which enables the train to transport goods.

With an intelligent network control system, passengers can enjoy full Wi-Fi coverage on the train, smart food ordering and luggage storage.

The company has applied nearly 80 patents for the variable configuration EMU, which has won the China Excellent Industrial Design (CEID) gold award and the Design Intelligence Award in 2018.