The Production of the First 3000hp Energy-saving and Environmentally Friendly Shunting locomotive in China Was Finished.

FORM: 25/06/2018 Browse number:115

By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 25-Jun-2018


The production of the first 3000hp energy-saving and environmentally friendly shunting locomotive in China was finished in CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd. on June 24.

3000hp energy-saving and environmentally friendly shunting locomotive is a hybrid power locomotive with diesel engine and power battery as dual-source power which has inherited and expanded the new generation of AC driving diesel locomotive technology platform. The output of different power configurations may be realized based on demands and key technical indicators reach the international advanced level. The locomotive has filled in the gap of new energy shunting locomotives in China.

3000hp energy-saving and environmentally friendly shunting locomotive is provided with a 12V240H diesel engine. Its loading power is 2500kW and the maximum running speed of the locomotive is 100km/h. With the installation of power storage battery, braking energy may be recovered and energy may be provided for the light running of locomotives and auxiliary systems so as to reduce the emission, noise and working time of diesel engine and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The power storage battery provided for the locomotive may supply power for auxiliary systems for about 3h with the diesel engine turned off in standby and supply power for the single locomotive running for 30km. Meanwhile, it has the function of braking energy recovery. Therefore, the working time of diesel engine is reduced. The replacement period of fuel oil and engine oil filter of diesel engine is extended and application and maintenance costs of the locomotive are reduced.

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