The First Overseas Substation Constructed by CRRC is Successfully Delivered

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By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 03-Aus-2018

On July 29, the first substation of Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC) in Bangladesh constructed by CRRC Ziyang Co., Ltd. was successfully handed over at the Narayanganj F Station in Bangladesh. This is the first substation general contracting project undertaken by CRRC abroad.

In October 2015, CRRC Ziyang Co., Ltd. competed with 15 companies from all over the world and finally won the order for the project of eight 33/11KV substations of Dhaka Power Distribution Company by virtue of its unique advantages. The substation delivered this time is one of the above eight substations.

Since the contract was signed, CRRC Ziyang Co., Ltd. has overcome various difficulties in local culture, language, dietary habit, transportation, labor, and diseases, and promoted the Project in an orderly manner.

On the day of delivery, nearly 200 people, including the Managing Director of DPDC, the Executive Director, the members of the project management department, and employees of CRRC Ziyang Co., Ltd., attended the handover ceremony.

Mr. Bikash Dewan, Managing Director of DPDC, expressed his heartfelt thanks to CRRC for its hard work in promoting energy development in Bangladesh. He spoke highly of the quality of the Project and said, “After the first project is delivered, it will provide stable power supply for the surrounding areas of Dhaka in the next 30 years, and play important role in promoting our economic development and improving people’s living standards.”

Li Fachun, the head of CRRC Ziyang Co., Ltd.’s office in Bangladesh, said in his speech that CRRC Ziyang had successfully completed two heavy oil power station projects in Bangladesh in the early stage, which had solved the problem of electricity consumption for more than 5 million people in the local area. This time, the delivery of the first substation project marked new breakthrough made by CRRC Ziyang in substation projects after power station projects.

It is understood that by the end of September, the remaining seven substation projects will be completed and delivered successively. By then, the eight substations will form a comprehensive system together with the power supply in the living area of Dhaka City, providing more convenient living conditions for local residents.

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